Habesha Steel Mills Plc is different from other manufacturers by its commitment, technology, quality assurance, people, and values.

Commitment and technology
Habesha’s unwavering commitment to produce highest quality possible using modern infrastructure and technologies.

Quality Assurance
Our company ensures quality at every step, from the input of raw material to the final product. With highly automated plants with continuous checks at every level, we produce best quality rebar’s in the country. The quality department is provided with modern testing facilities to ensure the products meet stringent norms and quality standards.

Our people
A diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment are vital to our success. We believe in developing skills and talents locally, creating a team, which can innovate and improve our products and processes continuously.

Our core values are world-class quality, customer satisfaction, continuous R & D for product and process improvement and innovation, honesty and integrity, professionalism, excellence and CSR.


We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and also the quality of goods and services that we provide by continuously adopting new and better ideas to provide our stakeholders and customers with what is best.

Honesty and integrity
Honesty and integrity are our foundations of a successful business as there are no shortcuts in successful businesses. Our honest business practices have build foundations of trust with our staff, customers, competitors and every other entity related to the business. This value of Habesha has inspired our employees to work towards our vision with respect and dedication.

We at Habesha believe and implement visionary innovation. To survive a company must grow and to grow it must innovate. We invest quality amount of time and resources every year to analyze our production processes in order to put in the best practices by implementing modern technology and improving knowledge of the processes.


“Build for Generations”
Be the leading producer’s and provider of G-60 reinforcement bars in the country.Our strategy is to strengthen our position as a leader in the steel manufacturing industry, while maintaining our quality motto along with world-class service. We work to achieve this by being a technology-oriented company with continuous improvement and innovations.

Habesha creates meaningful relations with customers and employees, retaining a loyal pool of with an exceptional customer-employee relation.

  • To be the supplier of choice, delivering premium quality G-60 Reinforcement Bars, providing excellent services and creating value for our customers.
  • To be the leading supplier in Ethiopia and wider East Africa by the year 2020.

We believe that steel will remain a vital part of the construction industry for many years to come. Our role is to ensure that we manufacture and deliver these quality bars as and when demanded. We seek a high standard of performance, maintaining a strong and growing long-term position in the competitive environments in which we operate.