Habesha Steel Mills PLC (HSM) is a quality and customer orientated company with a global vision. Our journey started from a modest beginning before a decade and has shown sure and steady growth due to its strong focus on quality in the manufacturing process and systems which have resulted in loyal customer base spread across the entire country.

We aim for excellent customer service and satisfaction by scheduled delivery and ready availability of our products all year round. We are proud to have achieved the title of ‘quality provider’ throughout the country and have completed the herculean task to prove that an Ethiopian product can be of world-class quality. We aim to meet local demands at a large in ways that are economically and environmentally viable now and in the future. HSM believes that our efforts are beneficial to the country by saving a huge foreign currency by import substitution. 

Our customers see us as honest, professional and provider of highest quality re-bar at competitive prices. HSM is in a strong position to move ahead and seize market opportunities as they arise by sound strategic plans.

We have and will support the government initiative to improve infrastructure and urban development in the country in supplying our quality product to constructions projects such as road project, high-rise buildings, highway bridges, power projects, real estate companies and many more.

The HSM family [Staff] has been growing by the day and our growth has lead to increase in employment and livelihood of thousands of people. My chest is filled with pride every time I think of this. We believe in building capacity, skills and knowledge transfer and are aggressively working to have competent and knowledgeable steel industry experts in Ethiopia.

We believe it is very important to give back to the society and there we are having various CSR projects. Education and safety are two very dear to my heart and therefore we have started working with traffic police to build awareness on road safety. In addition we cover all the expenses for capable and financially disadvantaged students and provide high quality private education so these children grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow.

I strongly believe that our progress, growth and achievement till date, is just laying of the foundation. Our future is bright and the best is still to come.

Kishen Raval
Managing Director
Habesha Steel Mills PLC