Safety and Health
“Safety First”– Nothing is more important than the safety and health of employees in our company. A safe and healthy working environment for all employees is our priority. Habesha is working towards achieving an accident free workplace for this it employ safety officer, has laid down safety policies and Standard operating procedures, which are well explained, to all employees. A safety manual has been implemented which is updated and revised as need arises. All the necessary personal protective equipment required are provided by the company, which is of the best quality.

Safety requires a 100% commitment from everyone. Habesha’s senior management provides a strong commitment and has set a culture within the organization whereby health and safety is the main priority.

We produce quality rebar by recycling/re use of steel scrap. The otherwise waste is converted to a useful finished product providing 95% local value addition without compromising quality.

 A key aspect in steel manufacturing is environmental protection. We at Habesha understand how our actions may affect our environment and thereforemap and monitor process improvements that can reduce pollution of the environment. The control mechanisms we have implemented include:

All our systems and processes support the continuous improvement of efficiency in the prevention and reduction of pollution. Setting measurable and achievable goals and objectives help achieve this.

Future improvements

  • Implement ISO 14001- this is an environment management system standard which is internationally recognized and would help us further improve the environment around us.